Things to do after a tattoo

Everything you will be needing for the aftercare process can be purchased at a local pharmacy:

  • Cream for the aftercare: Bepanthen Cream
  • Antibacterial soap (odorless, colorless)
  • Zetuvit® absorbent wound pad
  • Octenisept spray
  • Adhesive tapea
  • Lotion

Zetuvit® is a completely enclosed, layered, absorbent bandage. In contrast to the traditional foil, your skin is aerated under Zetuvit®, and the middle layer absorbs and reliably encloses the wound exudate, thus accelerating wound healing.The increased moisture absorption capacity of the pad reduces the frequency of the necessary dressing changes, therefore ensuring less irritation of the wound and minimizing the possibility of infection.

Tattoo aftercare

The tattoo is ready when it has healed, so proper aftercare is essential, which greatly affects the end result. It is important to always wash your hands before touching them

1st Day

1. Take off the Zetuvit® and throw it away!

2. Wash the tattoo with the antibacterial soap without soaking it. Thoroughly wash the soap off the surface with lukewarm water at first, then with cold water to help close the pores of the skin.

3. Either gently wipe the area dry with a paper towel or let it air dry. Do not use a towel to prevent anything from getting into the wound.

4. Spray it evenly with Octenisept and let it dry.

5. Apply a relatively thick layer of Bepanthen as you will not need to change your bandages during the day, and as Zetuvit® absorbs most moisture, if applied thinly, the bandage might stick to the tattoo.

6. Place the Zetuvit® on the tattoo with the blue marker strip facing up. Be sure to cover it everywhere, and then tape the edges thoroughly with a skinsafe adhesive tape.

2nd Day

7. Take of the bandages, wash the tattoo and dry it according to the instructions from the first day (2,3,4)

8. Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen ointment to the wound.

9. Wrap it in foil. Make sure that the inner layer of the foil is in contact with the tattoo.

10. Repeat the bandage change early afternoon and and at night before going to bed. (7,8,9)

3rd Day

11. Take off the bandages, wash and dry the tattoo and apply ointment as mentioned above (7,8)

12. Applying foil is up to you now. If you experience any exudation from the wound, apply foil as you have done so the day before. Although if you feel your tattoo has healed, leave it uncovered, just make sure a thin layer of Bepanthen ointment is always covering the tattoo.

4th Day

13. Take off the bandages, wash and dry it, apply ointment as mentioned above (7,8)

14. You will no longer need foil, just apply Bepanthen ointment in a thin layer as needed; do not let it dry out.

The tattoo will start to peel in about 5-6 days, which can be uncomfortable due to itching. Please attempt to abstain from scratching, no matter how good it would feel, because you could tear the wound up and the tattoo might heal incompletely there. Try stroking, hitting or scratching through clothes.

When your tattoo is completely peeled, you will no longer need the Bepanthen ointment, although as long as the surface of the skin is shiny, it is not completely healed. Use the lotion you have pre-treated the skin to hydrate the tattoo.

Please do not use any other ointments than suggested, nor disinfectant creams!

What you should not do:

  • Do not soak the tattoo,taking a shower is allowed, in fact it is necessary, but do not soak the tattoo!
  • Do not sunbathe, use a tanning booth or self-tanning creams for 1 month after healing! If you must sunbathe, cover the tattoo up!
  • Do not scratch or scrape the tattoo, the dead skin will fall off on its own, just be patient!
  • Do not bathe or use a sauna for 1-2 weeks!