Bori Falvay

I have been working as a tattoo artist since 2011, starting my career in Katsumoto Tattoo, where I have mastered the basics: linework, filling and shading. From there I continued my journey in Invictus Tattoo, where I have expanded my knowledge of the basics at a rapid rate thanks to the immense amount of clients. From there Triguna Body Art was my next destination and by January of 2020 we managed to open our own studio with my husband, Attila Téglás.

I have always loved working with projects that required a high level of creativity and precision. Such pursuits have always posed a challenge and completing them gave a sense of satisfaction. Ever since I was a child, drawing was second nature to me, so when it came to choosing a career, there was no question on my part which path is mine. After completing my matura exams I acquired a graphic designer qualification in Budai Rajziskola (Art School of Buda) after which I have spent four years working in that field. Meanwhile, I have run into the series Miami Ink, and I found the world of tattoo art captivating. I could see behind the scenes how the process of communicating, designing and implementing works.

I prefer versatility, working in a variety of styles. I love the vibrant colors, the crisp contours - this style is closest to my heart and this is when I feel free the most, although I also love working in a realistic style as well.

I firmly believe that even though tattoos are a growing trend, we need to maintain focus on individuality and unique design as this isn’t a shoe or a car which we can switch up in a few years time. This will stay with us as long as we are alive, thus we must take percussion when choosing a good artist who will leave their mark on our skin.