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Inkroom tattoo Budapest

We create, the canvas is you!

Get tattooed within the heart of Budapest

Come and visit us, get to know us, and let’s create something abiding together! For this we have made a unique but still comfortable safe space, which does not only mean a lot to us, but will also be like coming home for you too. Here, a good connection between us and you is one of the most important aspects!


First and foremost the team, who are working by giving it their all, and have the goal of meticulously creating a unique tattoo, which the customers will cherish for the rest of their lives. A good tattoo shop should be a place where the customers feel comfortable reaching out and sharing their questions and concerns to find a solution together.

The most important aspect is You and that you love what you are paying for.

At our shop Bori, Attila and Péter will be assisting you. Each of them work in their own unique style, but what they have in common is their conscientiousness, so their work shall always be exceptional and high quality.

We are not the type of tattoo shop where you come in and receive something neither we can be proud of nor makes you happy to be wearing it.

We have opened INKROOM TATTOO back in 2020 near Váci Street. Besides making sophisticated tattoos, the main aspect was to make the studio feel homey to guests and have a unique and lavish view. This is provided by our professional team and high quality materials.
What we excel at: creating meticulous, unique tattoos, 3D tattoos (realism), tattoo correction and cover up, and we also undertake the task of covering scars with tattoos.
Contact us with confidence, even if you are new to the field, and we will attempt to answer any question you may have.
Call us and let’s schedule an appointment!
Hope we shall meet soon!

Team InkRoom Tattoo

InkRoom Tattoo

Get tattooed within the heart of Budapest

Our address:

Budapest, 1056 Március 15. Square 2, 
the tattoo shop is just a few blocks away from Váci Street.



Bori Falvay


Attila Téglás


Péter Berta M.