Vera Rupf

I have been tattooing since 2016, to which the road was full of twists and turns, but eventually I have found myself in this creative calling.

After my studies at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture in Corvinus University, I have started taking drawing more seriously at the Corvin School Drawing, while earning a degree as a graphic designer.

Meanwhile, I came across the Budapest Tattoo Academy and since I found myself more at ease in institutional systems, I applied for the course; my style has been developing ever since.

I basically prefer blackwork and dotwork, I rarely use colors. My primary source of inspiration is nature, the world of flora and fauna. Meticulously detailed motifs are especially close to my heart. I create personalized, uniquely designs by aligning my guests’ ideas with my own concepts. It is a true honor to be able to work on a “living, organic canvas”, like the human body. As tattoo artists, we are creating artworks lasting a lifetime.