Orsi Molnár

It’s been 6 years since I'm tattooing officially. I say “officially” because I consider the beginning of my apprenticeship to be the starting point, but I really started three years before that I feel that is the real number for that question. Before I became a tattoo artist and during the first 1.5 years of my apprenticeship, I worked as a hostess in a Korean karaoke private bar. I started tattooing in my hometown (Budapest) after that I finished school and got my graduate as a Porcelain Painter.

I would like to describe my style as melancholic, meticulous, blackwork, fineline, and single needle style. I influenced most of my inspiration from nature, tradition and other art, fine art. 

Tattooing has not just changed my appearance but changed my life and how I can see the world from a different view. I had an opportunity to travel the world while I was able to work. In July 2017, I had my first guest spot, then I made 5 guest spots in the next six months. After that in 2018, I did 12. Literally, I went to the airport every single month. It was my best year. I was alone, but that was a very good experience for me to see what I can do it everything alone, mostly in Hong Kong. I met a lot of great people and was able to talk to even more great artists and work together. And I can say that I got a pretty nice collection on my body. I travelled several times just to get tattooed. I think this is a great experience that everyone who is a big fan of tattoo art.